Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Explanation of Grandpa Mynatt

My son did not have a name up until about 2 hours before he was born. But that was not for lack of effort and suggestion on the part of my then 4 year old niece. About 2 months before my yet to be named son was born, JP decided it would be her mission to pick out a name for him. So she carefully (read: drug across my yard and probably pitched a bit of a fit) set up my lawn chair in the sun, came back into the house and took the baby name book along with a pen back out with her. She spread her little towel over the chair and made herself comfortable and proceeded to make her way through the book marking the names she found interesting. Now keep in mind, she's 4, hasn't started school yet, and can't read the first word in that book.

So after she's spent about 15 minutes in the yard kicked back picking out and circling baby names. She comes in to present me with her nifty idea. She's decided we are going to name the baby....Grandpa Mynatt. So there you have it.

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Jeremy said...

GREAT NAME! JP is a genius!